iPhone hack

We have received some questions around the iPhone ‘hack’ the FBI did recently, and we wanted to let you know how RakEM data would have been safe:

  1.  RakEM encrypts the content and uses peer-to-peer direct transmission between devices – we don’t see your messages on our servers, so if we were asked to produce message logs, etc. we would comply and provide nothing since we have nothing
  2. Your message content is stored locally on the senders device and the recipients device – we encrypt all this content locally, we do not rely on the OS for encryption. So even if the FBI was able to ‘break’ the encrypted iPhone, when they looked at the RakEM files, they would be encrypted and not readable.
  3. Users can ‘unsend’ messages off their device and off the recipients device (reciprocal deletion). They can do this message by message, all messages to/from a given contact, and we even have a 1 button ‘Total Recall’ that deletes all your messages to/from all your contacts off your device and off the recipient devices. By the way, a lot of our users tell us they use Total Recall every day to ‘clean’ out their messages.

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