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Raketu has been mentioned in many newspapers, let us give you a sample.


gSrikar Secure and encrypt messages, Calls with RakEM - Srikar Reddy April 2016 Finally a messenger app that lets you unsend sent messages- An exclusive interview with Greg Parker of Raketu communications September 2015

iTvoir World's most Secured Messaging App: RakEM August 2015

Techonomy Despite Controversy, Creative Startups Seek Completely Secure Communications - by Udayan Gupta July 2015

Android Headlines RakEM Voice Calling Update - May 2015 New texting app allows users to ‘un-send’ messages, guarantees privacy - March 2015

The Indian Express New app lets you ‘unsend’ the text - March 2015

PhoneArena RakEM private messaging app saves you from drunk text regret, encrypts calls and video - by Daniel P. March 2015

FirstPost New app will ‘unsend’ text by deleting message from receiver’s phone - March 2015

The Hindu New app lets you ‘unsend’ your text - March 2015

The Times of India An app to recall text messages - March 2015

Discovery News New App Eliminates Text Regret by Renee Morad - March 2015 RakEM is a New Private Messaging App That Wants to Save You From Text-Regret - by Jessica Fisher March 2015


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