Raketu in Himalaya

Expedition Ama Dablam 2014

RakEM at Chukung, Nepal, calling home at 4800m with famous mountain guide Josef Šimůnek. When we say you can call from anywhere, we mean it! Get RakEM, secure, encrypted messaging/voice/video and picture sharing. Like WhatsApp or Snapchat, only private and secure - only you and who you send it to is able to read your messages, see your pictures.


Expedition Shisha Pangma 2007

On October 8th 2007 Team Himalaya8000 (Josef Simunek and Josef Moravek) reached the summit of the Mt. Sisha Pangma 8013 m in Tibet.

If we say you can use Raketu anywhere we mean it. On the way to the base camp, Himalaya Team called home using Raketu.

Photo from the Base camp to South Face of Shisha Pangma. And no, this is not a photoshop ;)


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