Raketu has been mentioned in many newspapers, let us give you a sample. New texting app allows users to ‘un-send’ messages, guarantees privacy - March 2015

The Indian Express New app lets you ‘unsend’ the text - March 2015

PhoneArena RakEM private messaging app saves you from drunk text regret, encrypts calls and video - by Daniel P. March 2015

FirstPost New app will ‘unsend’ text by deleting message from receiver’s phone - March 2015

The Hindu New app lets you ‘unsend’ your text - March 2015

The Times of India An app to recall text messages - March 2015

Discovery News New App Eliminates Text Regret by Renee Morad - March 2015 RakEM is a New Private Messaging App That Wants to Save You From Text-Regret - by Jessica Fisher March 2015

Raketu Joins the SMB Video Conferencing Race -April 8, 2009 Robert Poe

Raketu adds SIP service - October 02, 2008

Flash gets its VoIP due - September 02, 2008

Raketu launches browser agnostic VoIP service - August 20, 2008

BlackBerry to See Web-Based Social Networking App from Raketu - June 11, 2008

Raketu Releases New Mobile Media Drive Application - May 27, 2008

Mobile-VoIP Market Looks Increasingly Promising -May 21, 2008 Robert Poe

How to use Raketu's two mobile-VoIP services -May 14, 2008 Robert Poe

All-Star VoIP Products: 40 VoIP Applications, Tools and Services That Take VoIP Mainstream -Feb 26, 2008 Owen Linderholm

Mobile VoIP meets cheap international calls -Feb 12, 2008 Jim Higdon

Skype Competitor Lands On Mobile Phones. Don't Tell the Carriers-Jan 30, 2008

Raketu Debuts VoIP Service Offering for Mobile Business Users-Jan 29, 2008

Raketu launches light version of VoIP calling desktop system-Jan 25, 2008

Affordable International Calling App For Smartphones Launched-Jan 14, 2008

Skype battles to keep up in mobiles - January 14, 2008

The TMCnet VoIP Week in Review - January 11, 2008

Raketu launches VoIP for BlackBerry devices- January 10, 2008

FierceVoIP- New BlackBerry VoIP service- January 10, 2008

New York Times- December 6, 2007The word Raketu (pronounce ra-ke-tu) is a declension form of the Czech word “rocket”. The sound of the word is also similar to the pronunciation of the word “rocket” in Russian and Japanese. Please note that the word Raketu is NOT a mambo jumbo word.


by Paul Taylor Financial Times- May 10, 2007

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