What is RakEM?

RakEM is the world’s most secure, private and encrypted communications application; a mobile messaging app that delivers the highest privacy for instant messaging, file/image/location sharing, voice and video calling.

Why we created RakEM?

Please read the blog written by the RakEM founder here

We started RakEM after analyzing the existing chat apps, including those who claim to be secure and private, we realized there was a need for a fully secure and encrypted chat app. We also realized that there is a great deal of misinformation out there … for example, companies are storing messages on servers, yet they claim they are not, companies are claiming end-to-end encryption, when they are not, etc. Yes, its true. Many companies make bold claims yet they do not possess the technology or architecture to truly provide a secure and private communications environment.

Which devices does RakEM support?

RakEM works on Android (phones and tablets), iOS (phones and tablets), Windows and Mac. Login with one account on any device.

How does it work?

RakEM provides the most private and secure messaging experience with its server-less, device-to-device direct technology to eliminate the possibility of data storage or mining. RakEM’s patent pending, self-mutating encryption algorithms ensure the utmost privacy for data as it is transferred from device to device directly.

How is RakEM different from other messaging apps? Benefits?

Other messaging apps claim privacy and security but have been proven to actually store data on servers, and as such, have been hacked, exposing users’ private communications - both WhatsApp and SnapChat keep historical messages and images which have been hacked and released to the public without the user’s permission. RakEM’s patent-pending, self-mutating encryption algorithms ensure the utmost privacy for data as it is transferred from device to device directly, eliminating server touchdown altogether. Only RakEM enables reciprocal deletion, allowing users to delete text messages they regret having sent, making ‘text regret’ a thing of the past.

In short, can you name the features/benefits of RakEM?

Who is RakEM geared to?

RakEM is for anyone, especially those who wish to keep their communications private and secure. Everyone, especially teens and millennials, has suffered from ‘text regret’ or the incident of wishing they could unsend a text message - at least once. RakEM’s reciprocal message deletion allows users to do that easily. Adults who are concerned about privacy and discretion can be assured that RakEM guarantees end-to-end encryption, a comfort in a world where almost all digital communications – private or otherwise – can be interfered with.

Is RakEM free?

RakEM is free to download and for the first 6 month all features are secure, encrypted and free. Text, image and video sharing are always free, secured and encrypted. Secure and encrypted voice and video calls costs .99 per month or $9.99 per year. You can always use the free, unencrypted voice and video.

Who developed RakEM?

All Raketu’s technology is developed by our Raketu team (in house). RakEM gives you something that other applications simple do not: total control over every word, photo or video you send. The app is designed to allow you to communicate as you always have, but now you have the highest levels of security and privacy when it comes to protecting yourself. Once you learn about all of RakEM’s features, you will never want to communicate anywhere else.


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