Why we started Raketu and created RakEM App

by Greg Parker CEO, March 2015

At the heart of founding Raketu was the goal to provide free or low cost private communications for everyone. Our belief is that everyone, everywhere, should be able to privately communicate with those they choose and that geography and costs should not be an obstacle. Using this philosophy, Raketu was born in 2006. Raketu was developed from the ground up using our advanced secure peer-to-peer communications network – a network designed to carry text, voice, video, files, and you name it. Our technology allows users to communicate directly from one device to another device – without the use of servers. Our systems and technology have always been secure, and along the way we used and developed various levels of encryption culminating with our patent pending self-mutating encryption – the pinnacle of encryption – that allows each message to be encrypted differently even if the content is the same. This is the highest level of encryption.

Why we created RakEM:

Building on the Raketu technology, RakEM, our latest app, was conceived to fulfill the following:
  • To create a secure and private app for everyone
  • To make the user experience as easy as possible
  • To hide the complexities of security and encryption while providing the highest levels of privacy
  • And we built a frictionless ultra-secure and private messenger for everyone - RakEM

    Are there others?

    While there are many messengers that claim to be secure or private or encrypted, very few are actually any of these. RakEM is fundamentally different in the level of privacy and encryption we deliver – read on.

    How we are different:

    Today, there are many messengers out there that make claims like ‘end-to-end encryption’, ‘peer-to-peer’, ‘device-to-device’, and many more. If you dig a bit deeper and look at their claims, you’ll see that:
  • ‘end-to-end encryption’ to them means that unencrypted content is sent over an encrypted stream to their server, stored unencrypted, and retrieved by the recipient as unencrypted content sent over an encrypted stream. This causes several problems. Firstly, the encrypted streams that are used are common https (tls) protocol, which has been broken, meaning it is not a sure encryption mechanism. Since it can be easily broken, and since the content is not encrypted at all, it is relatively easy for a third party listening to read what you are sending. In addition, since your content is stored on their servers, unencrypted, they can read your content and if they get ‘hacked’, the hackers can also read your content. RakEM encrypts the content and sends it from your device directly to the recipient’s device – no server touch downs.
  • ‘peer-to-peer’ to them means from person to person. While this could be one interpretation, in the technology world this means directly from one device to another device. What’s the difference? Person to person to them means from a person’s device, to their servers, to the other person’s device – you got it, again going to their servers. RakEM uses true ‘peer-to-peer’ technology, meaning directly from one device to another device – no server touch downs.
  • ‘device-to-device’, means a lot like ‘peer-to-peer’ to them. From one device, to their servers, to the other device. Notice that this involves their server. RakEM uses device-to-device DIRECT technology, which goes from one device DIRECTLY to the other device – no server touch downs.
  • But RakEM doesn’t stop with just security, privacy and encryption of messages, RakEM provides image and video sharing, voice and video messages, and live voice and video calls. Imagine being on an encrypted video call only you and your friend can see and hear – sound kinda Bondish? Well, that’s what we do.

    Why do we care so much about privacy, security and encryption?

    Well, it all gets back to our original philosophy – we believe people should be able to communicate securely and privately, and that their content is THEIR content, not ours. This is why we built RakEM to be encrypted content, encrypted end to end, directly transmitted device to device, peer to peer secure and private. Your messages do not even see our servers – they are yours and they are private. Others store your content on their servers and we have all seen that lead to data mining activities for advertising and other purposes – and other back doors. At RakEM, we don’t have any back doors and we don’t have your content.

    We are Privacy Rebels and We RakEM! – get your RakEM and enjoy the privacy.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve RakEM, please let us know.

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