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Make Secure Calls Without A Blackphone: McAfee Trusted Rakem Encrypted Messenger Launches PrivateMic Calling


Rakem, the Most Secure Fully Integrated Communications App, Launches Android PrivateMic Calling



New York, New York, May 17, 2016 - Rakem launches its Android PrivateMic application for secure, encrypted and private calling services. The updated Android app provides Rakem’s unique PrivateMic feature. With PrivateMic, Rakem prevents other apps on the Android device from accessing the microphone while in a call. Even if a user has unknowingly downloaded an app that listens to the microphone, which could be recording conversations while the user is unaware, PrivateMic stops these apps from listening while in a Rakem call – your conversation cannot be listened to or recorded by unwanted and unauthorized apps. Rakem PrivateMic works on any Android device – no need to purchase a proprietary phone like Blackphone for making calls.


“When I want to send private messages and make private calls, I use Rakem.” said John McAfee, cyber security expert and pioneer, and presidential candidate. “No other messaging or calling app has PrivateMic – no one can listen in on my calls.”


Rakem uses true end-to-end encryption - you can rest assured that only you and the intended recipient can listen to your conversations.


The key features of Rakem include:


Today, Rakem announces the availability of the Android PrivateMic version. Rakem is also available on iOS, Windows and Mac.


“Rakem created PrivateMic which prevents other apps that try to access the Android microphone while in a call from listening in.” said Greg Parker, President and CEO of Raketu. “In this way, on a standard Android, we have removed the possibility of our users being listened to by apps that secretly listen in on conversations that users don’t know about. Removing the need to purchase any special device like a Blackphone for making calls.”


Rakem runs over any internet connection. Anyone with data services on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS can download and start using Rakem immediately. Rakem Android with PrivateMic is available for download from Google Play Store.


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