Privacy Policy

We at Raketu Communications Inc. ("Raketu") take your privacy very seriously. Protecting personal information is vital to maintaining a long standing customer relationship with you, our business partners, and our staff. It's in everybody's interest to treat personal information with care, thoughtfulness, and respect. Our Privacy Policy has been established to meet or exceed specific requirements of current privacy legislation in United States.

Information we need from you for Registration

To register for the basic free services and features of Raketu, you don't have to give us any personal information that identifies you specifically, other than a valid e-mail address for the purposes of communications between Raketu and yourself, and where required between Raketu and third parties. The specific information required to register on Raketu is to:

  1. i) a unique identity of your preference on Raketu—the RakID and Nickname
  2. ii) provide a valid email address
  3. iii) password.

Optional information for Raketu's Directory.

We provide you with additional space to list other optional information to help other Raketu users match your RakID and Nickname with you accurately, such as Gender, State or Province of residence, Date of Birth, and a narrative entry where you can add your own "About You" comments to be included in the public Directory. We don't publish your Date of Birth in the Directory - we only publish your age in years.

Disclosure of Your Directory Information.

The information you provide for the Directory is made available to registered users of Raketu. As anyone can register with Raketu, the Directory should be considered public information available to anyone on the internet. As a condition of registering with Raketu, you consent to displaying the information you put into the Directory publicly.

Other Contact Information, User Blocking, and Directory settings.

Other additional contact information that you enter at your option into Raketu in order to coordinate e-mail, regular telephone access, and instant messaging services with Raketu are stored on your computer within Raketu's program files and in certain circumstances on Raketu's servers as part of your Contact information data.

In order to communicate with other Raketu users you must either add them to your contact list, in which case they must authorize you before communication can occur, or if they have added you to their contact list, you must authorize them. If you wish to stop a user from contacting you, you can block that user from contacting you, however, if you have previously granted them access to your contact information you can't recover it back from them. If you wish, you can optionally allow anyone on the Directory to call, wave, transfer files, or IM you without authorization. However, without you authorizing those parties setting up you as a contact in their contact list, other private contact information will not be disclosed to those callers.

Other information we collect from your use of Free Services.

Raketu collects very little data actually. We only track some usage data in bulk as opposed to activity details. Raketu tracks your last known internet protocol address in order to allow your authorized contacts to call you when you are available.

For Raketu-Raketu voice communications we only track the total amount of time you are connected to other Raketu users, and that is only to monitor total minutes and number of calls for basic feedback on how popular our services are. For Raketu-Raketu voice calls, we don't collect where when, or duration data for individual calls. Those details are collected in call logs recorded on your computer for your review and deletion under your control. Similarly free voicemail, instant messaging and file transfer activity is only recorded on your computer and those computers of the Raketu users you communicate with and is not collected by Raketu.

For Raketu-landline/mobile phones, we collect all the standard call record information associated with the calls. This is used for billing purposes and to enable you to track your calls.

Website Cookies

We may use cookies in order to improve your online experience on our websites. We do not use information contained in cookies for any other purpose, or is the information contained in cookies disclosed to others.

No Extraneous System Information Collected (No Spyware)

No information concerning your computing facilities is collected that is not related to providing Raketu Services, including other installed software systems, non-service-related content, or hardware peripherals. No information about your specific computing facilities will be provided to any third party unless required to do so by law or by your consent or by the Terms of Service for Services with which you've registered.

Provision of Information to Third Parties (No Adware)

Raketu will not sell, rent, lease or otherwise provide Active Information to any third party – with the exception of a third party it has hired to carry out its communications, billing and/or marketing, as set forth above – unless required to do so by law or by your consent or by the Terms of Service for Services with which you’ve registered.

What Resources Do We Use and How Do We Use Them?

During the course of using Software, disk space, bandwidth and processing power may be utilized to provide the Raketu Services to you and to communicate with other Raketu users. The system has been designed so that using Raketu should not interfere with the normal operations of your computer.

Information collected for Purchased Goods and Services.

For the purposes of facilitating payment for goods and services, we need to collect personal information from you to assist in verifying payment methods including credit cards. At the time of your first purchase, we will ask you to provide additional personal information for this purpose. This personal information (Name, address, etc) is maintained only for the purpose of payment, billing and collection, and any other requirements imposed by law, including, but not limited to sales taxation reporting.

Credit Card Information.

Specific credit card information is not collected by Raketu. Our payment processing is performed through an electronic transaction service provider who is certified compliant to financial industry credit card processing standards. Through their facilities your credit card information is processed and the settlement completed. Your credit card information is processed through secure facilities of your credit card provider and our electronic transaction service provider.

Disclosure of Raketu User Information.

Other than Directory information, Raketu will not disclose your personal information to anyone except registered Raketu users or businesses that you have specifically authorized or to a third party that has been hired to carry out Raketu’s communications, billing and/or marketing. Otherwise, Raketu will only disclose your information if required to do so by law.

You can contact Raketu's Privacy Coordinator at privacy \a t\ Raketu \.\ com

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