James Bond Meets Cross Platform Mobile Messaging, As RakEM The World’s Most Secure Messaging App Introduces Its Newest Feature – Total Recall

Consumers Can Now Instantly Delete Every Single Text Message They Ever Sent To A Mobile Device, Laptop, Or Desktop Anywhere In The World, As If They Never Existed At All

New York, June 22, 2015 – Raketu Communications, developer of RakEM the world’s most secure cross platform mobile messaging application, asks you to imagine you are James Bond out to save the world, or perhaps a 22-year-old recent college grad, charting your course to conquer it. Like the average 18-24 year-old, you send over 2,000 text messages every month (according to Experian). After six months of texting, or worse sexting (if you are like 46 percent of Millennials engaged in sexting, according to a recent study by Raketu), over 12,000 text messages sent to a revolving troop of unseemly bedfellows (remember you are “Bond, Jane Bond”), there is no quantifying the extent of potentially damaging Top Secrets exposed that could undermine the free world; if not your newly appointed job as Wall Street Trader or Bergdorf Goodman buyer. So what do you do, cull through 12,000 texts in search of the errant few that may collapse your meticulously constructed House Of Cards? Absolutely not. There’s only one thing you can do, and thank goodness for RakEM’s newest feature – Total Recall.

 Here Is How It Works

Powered by RakEM’s patent-pending Serverless Secure™ mobile messaging encryption technology, all user-messaging data is encrypted and maintained entirely in-app, so no server ever sees or stores user messages. Note: every other messaging app on the market relies on servers that see and/or store user-messaging data; therefore user/member privacy can never be entirely secure within these competing platforms -- a critical concern for the majority of Americans, as 92% of consumers say they are concerned about their privacy online (according to Truste’s US Consumer Confidence Index).

Additionally, users who initiate messages “control” all their content end-to-end, so content cannot be forwarded, shared, or copied in any way. Relying again on RakEM’s patent-pending Serverless Secure technology, RakEM users now have the first-time-ever ability to simply Delete All Content. Deleting All Content, removes that content not only from the user’s own device, but also all devices these messages have ever been delivered to anywhere in the world – in other words, Total Recall.

“Whether you are James Bond, Jane Bond, or maybe you are not bonded at all, with our new Total Recall feature, RakEM eliminates any possibility of a Smoking Gun,” said Greg Parker, CEO of Raketu. “With the simple push of a button, RakEM ensures that every text message a user sent was never sent, and there is no record of any of those messages anywhere at all.”

To find out if RakEM is secure enough to power all of your cross platform mobile messaging needs, download the RakEM app.

About Raketu Communications Inc.

Raketu Communications Inc. makes highly secure, cross platform messaging and communication fun by developing leading edge device-to-device direct Internet protocol applications for consumers and for business across mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops.  Powered by Raketu’s patent-pending Serverless Secure™ encryption technology and system architecture, Raketu’s RakEM mobile messaging platform supports text, voice, video, and photo, among other private and encrypted messaging media.  The company currently has users in over 150 countries around the world. For more information visit the company’s website at

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Media Contact: Daniel Ulloa, G8Way Media



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