RAKETU REPLACING JAJAH.Web Phone-to-Phone Calling

Raketu today announced its invitation to existing Jajah.web users that are ready to migrate to Raketu’s RakWeb calling.

Raketu (www.Raketu.com), a leading global Internet communications company, today announced that Jajah users can migrate now to use Raketu’s RakWeb to make their phone-to-phone calls anywhere in the world.

During the recent development of Telefonica shutting down Jajah, Jajah users expressed concerns and voiced an interest in migrating to Raketu’s phone-to-phone calling service, RakWeb.

Using Raketu’s RakWeb service on a browser, you can initiate a call with no headset, no download, and no software installation required.

In addition, Raketu provides computer/mobile to phone calling and sms-texting services. Raketu also allows anyone to experience free, unlimited, high-quality voice, video and text communication over the Internet – Raketu to Raketu calls.

Raketu services are available from the web at www.Raketu.com, and are also available from Raketu’s free download software. Raketu’s free voice calls, free video calls, free group video/voice calls, free IM and more can be used from computer to computer, and also from computer to mobile phones or tablets. Raketu turns a tablet into a social communications device.

Raketu’s RakWeb and RakOut calling services offer our users lower rates than Skype or Jajah.

Registering to use Raketu’s services is free and easy – just go the www.Raketu.com, or download the desktop or mobile application, and register.

About Raketu Communications Inc.

Raketu Communications Inc. is developing leading edge peer-to-peer Internet protocol applications that provide communications services for consumers and for business across mobiles, desktops and laptops. The company currently has users in over 150 countries around the world. For more information visit the company’s website at http://www.Raketu.com.

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