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Raketu Launches RakEM App on Android and iOS: Unlike WhatsApp, RakEM Mobile Messaging Is Fully Secure and End-To-End Encrypted


RakEM, With Device-To-Device Encrypted Messaging, Offers Its Secure Mobile Messaging Services to WhatsApp Users at No Cost



New York, September 16, 2014 – Raketu offers its secure mobile messaging services, RakEM, to WhatsApp users at no cost. The RakEM app, available now on Android and iOS, allows users to securely and privately message, share pictures, and voice and video call across mobiles. Raketu’s end-to-end encryption ensures your messages cannot be read. Raketu’s device-to-device direct technology ensures your text messages are sent directly from you to the recipient – no server touchdown, anywhere. RakEM features include secure messaging, voice and video calling, voice and video messaging, user controlled location sharing and file/picture sharing. In addition, users control when their chats are deleted from their device and their contacts device. Now you can communicate securely from any device anywhere – without the fear of others listening in.


WhatsApp promised some level of security, but in the past they have faced security holes. Raketu does not store messages on its servers – it operates peer-to-peer, allowing the message to go from the sender to the recipient directly with no server touchdown – unlike WhatsApp which stores message transcripts on its servers, making them accessible and available later. And WhatsApp is now part of Facebook after the acquisition. Facebook is an advertising-based company that mines all users’ data and conversations.


Other mobile messaging platforms promise security, but like WhatsApp, use central servers to collect messages – meaning their operators and potentially others can see these messages.


Raketu uses advanced device-to-device direct technology providing true end-to-end encryption - you can rest assured that only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. Using Raketu’s unique technology means there are no server touch downs – Raketu servers do not even see your messages, period.


“Raketu is continuing its tradition of creating the most secure apps that allow our users to carry on conversations without the worries of having any other people listening in.” said Greg Parker, President and CEO of Raketu.  “We created RakEM with the highest levels of encryption over our device-to-device technology to ensure messaging, voice, video and file sharing would be end-to-end secure on any device.”


RakEM runs over any internet connection. Anyone with data services on Android or iOS can download and start using RakEM immediately. RakEM users can also seamlessly communicate with Raketu on desktop/laptop computers.


Registering to use Raketu’s RakEM services is free and easy – just go the Play Store or App Store download RakEM and register.


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