How secure is RakEM?

Without bragging we can say RakEM is the most secure app available. Please read our technology page to understand all the technology which is available to guard your security and privacy with every tap you make.

Are my messages stored on any servers?


RakEM communications go Device-to-device direct: the communications and data flows directly from device to device (no servers, no relays). Be assured that other providers do not have this state of the art technology. Unless a company developed device to device technology like we did in Raketu, they will use servers even though they tell you they don’t. Please be aware of all these misleading claims out there, and be smart about your security and privacy.

Does RakEM sell any data from my usage of the app?


We do not have anything to sell, we do not have your communications it goes from one device to another.

Why should I activate encryption?

After 6 months free encryption for calls and video calls we recommend you to activate it. Remember your chat/pic/video sharing is always encrypted for you. Voice and video calls are encrypted end-to-end when both parties have secure encryption plans. The plan lasts for 1 month or 1 year and it’s a very small cost for the state of the art encryption RakEM has to offer.

How can I access message history?

The message history can be accessed only via app.

What recourse/protection do you have in place for users who may report cyberbullying or threats through the app? Or if your app is used for nefarious/illegal purposes?

Unlike conventional sms-texting or messaging apps where anyone can contact you by default, RakEM uses a reciprocal authorization model. One user must invite another user to be their contact, and the other user must accept the invitation. RakEM communications are private and one on one at the moment, so if a user feels bullied, they can simply delete the contact from their contact list and they will no longer be contacted (easier then changing a phone number). We can also block a user from login if necessary.

Is there an age restriction on use of the app?

The app is restricted for use to people 12+.

Say your system is hacked, what then?

Since we don’t store content (we don't have the content it goes device-to-device direct), your content could not be hacked on our system.

How can I make sure if I lose my phone that my messages will not be read by anyone else?

Use Menu->Logout Clear.

Logout Clear on iOS and Android, logs you out and clears your encrypted login credentials from the phone, so the next time you start RakEM you will have to login. It also prevents anyone else from logging into RakEM unless they have your valid username and password. Your RakEM message files on your phone are encrypted and are only decryptable by logging into RakEM with your valid username and password.


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