FAQ-Getting started

Can I communicate with people outside of RakEM?

Both users have to be RakEM users.

How to start with RakEM.

To start to use RakEM app you need friends. As soon as you have any friends in your contact list, you can start to communicate with them.

How do I see if my friends already have RakEM?

Bring your friends to RakEM:

  1. ask them to join, then find them and authorize one another (this way they will appear in your contact list).
  2. you can use "suggest" feature.
  3. Invite feature
  4. Share RakEM on social FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and more…

On the search screen you can either search and authorize your friends, or you tap "suggest" and let the RakEM suggestion engine attempt to find your friends. If the RakEM suggestion engine does not find any of your friends, use "invite" feature. From the more menu (bottom right corner - looks like 3 lines) select "invite friends" and invite your friends using email, your sms text or social media options.

How to start to communicate with one of my friends on RakEM?

In RakEM Contacts list, tap his or her name to begin communicating.

How to setup my profile and settings in RakEM?

Tap on your picture or go to more menu and tap profile. Add your picture and any info you feel is important to enter. Don’t forget to check the Settings screen to personalize it.

Can I use my RakEM account on any supported device?

Yes, you can login with one account to any device. Please note the messages you received on one device will not show on the other device. Remember RakEM is a direct device to device technology and we do not store your messages anywhere, therefor if you login to a different device the messages will not be synchronized.


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