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RakEM Android

RakEM is the world's most secure mobile messaging application. RakEM, unlike messengers like WhatsApp for example, uses encrypted mobile-to-mobile secure technology, with no server in between - even our own servers do not see your messages! The result - the most secure messaging available anywhere, ideal for private messaging communications, sharing personal, and even personal financial data and information.

RakEM Features Include:

  1. 1. Easy to use
  2. 2. Private Messaging
  3. 3. Picture/File Sharing
  4. 4. Voice Calls and Voice Messages
  5. 5. Video Calls and Video Messages
  6. 6. Ability To Control Location Sharing
  7. 7. Ability To Control All Content
  8. 8, No Text Regret - Unsend Read And Unread Messages
  9. 9. Total Recall - One Button Deletes All Your Chats From Your Mobile & All Your Friend's Mobiles