New RakDroid - version Raketu5


Please go to Android Play Store to download the app. If you need a direct link to download click here


RakDroid application allows:

  1. Rak-Rak calls: Free calls from Raketu to Raketu
    (From mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-computer or computer-to-mobile)
  2. RakOut calls: Calls to landline/mobile phones
    (Free or at Raketu's ultra-low cost - see rates)
  3. Free Video Call
    (From mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-computer or computer-to-mobile with small or full screen availability)
  4. Send SMS
    (Send SMS for very low cost - see rates)
  5. Free Secure Texting
    (Text with your friends in real time)
  6. RakWeb calls: Calls to landline/mobile phones
    (You might find yourself in situation where your 3G connection is low quality, then you can use RakWeb calls also known as CallBack calls-see rates. Read more about RakWeb calls.)
  7. Buy Credits
  8. Call logs
  9. Ad/Search people
  10. Choose caller ID/Update profile
  11. Synchronize contacts
    (Synchronize your Android phone contacts with your RakDroid Application)