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Raketu low rates to landlines and mobiles

A 60 minute call to a mobile in London, UK, using Raketu instead of Skype will save over $2.50 on that call.

Check out rates to other countries like India.

Raketu to Raketu calls are always free

RakDroid on Mobile phone


Raketu is your best friend.

Make that important call to your friend after you get of the plane.

Encrypted and secure texting.

Share pictures on Raketu while texting and be sure nobody can snoop.

RakDroid on Mobile phone

Switch to Raketu - No Supernodes and Better Sound

Raketu's technology make safe FREE calls to your friends around the world:

No malware, No spyware, No adware, No Viruses, No Supernodes, No back doors

How is Raketu different from Skype and why is Skype dangerous to your computer. Not all technology is created equal. Raketu is much better and safer technology than Skype.

Raketu extends life of the device battery

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