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RakEM idea is simple - Generation Privacy

RakEM - make and receive communications that no-one else can listen in on (no snooping, no back doors, no data mining) while allowing the users to control their data.

Send secure text, images, voice and video for free.

RakEM Technology is complex.

Device-to-device direct communications (no servers) with the highest levels of self-mutating encryption covering voice, video, text and files

Some companies say: "We would rather fold the company than give out your content". Some companies say: "We delete your communications from our servers".

RakEM has nothing to give out, RakEM has nothing to delete. We do not have your communications, you are safe with RakEM.

Tap to communicate – securely and privately.
Generation Private

We are privacy rebels!

You are in control of the content. If you wrote it, you can delete it - from your friend's phone. No screenshots.

Nowhere else can you retract your word! You wrote it, you can delete it on your device, and also on your friend's device.
Screen shot? NO WAY! You can not make a screenshot of the app. All you get is a black screen.